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Product Details

12 tons cordless crimping tools (18V)
4 sizes C-head opening for option
360°rotating C-head
Pistol type crimper
Cable lug hexagon crimping
Standard die set (total 10pcs)
(i.e. B3035-B30400/R30 type)

25mm C-jaw opening
6-400mm2 (AWG10-750MCM) crimping range
Tool dimension: 467(L)x323(W)x88(H)mm
Weight: 6.5kgs excludes battery

Release Mode Selector design, three modes, more smarter
Ergonomic design, single hand operation supported
White LED working light and current smart condition light
Protection design for over-load
With temperature detector, after Max. temperature 60 degree achieved,
it will cut electrical automatically to protect crimper
Even through crimper at high pressure, labor-saved oil return knob design
With switch to manual release mode anytime to set original position
Cylinder passt life time over 60,000.-cycles test, high quality

With release mode selector
A: Manual release mode
B: Half release mode(short ram mode) For cutting small cable use
C: Automatically release mode
Smart version USB-C CONNECTOR
Light advice system with buzz warning
LED Green: Well crimped and motor stopped
LED Orange: Battery without enough power
LED Red+buzz warning: Pressure or temperature is over
USB-connector and computer software
Smart PCB will record information:
Crimping times/ battery voltage/ Pressure
Temperature/Tool series code/Power source
Model No.Head rotationApplicationStandard dieC-Jaw OpeningCrimping range supportedDimensionWeightRemarkOutput
AEP-2501360°Cable lug hexagon crimpingStandard die set (total 10pcs) 35/50/70/95/120/150/185/240/300/400mm2 (i.e. B3035-B30400/R30 type)25mm6-400mm2 (AWG10-750MCM)467(L)x323(W)x88(H)mm6.5kgs excludes batteryauto-release version12 tons(120-130kN)